Scenario Starter: You are the computer security team for a government organization housing highly sensitive information. An unknown hacker has accessed your files and leaked confidential information to the public. Concerned that insider information may have given the hacker easier access, you must develop a tighter internal security policy.

Determine the scenario: What happened, how, and what are the implications?
Start an initial group discussion on the scenario.
Each group member must research and review two articles/websites that might be relevant to the case, and submit an evaluation/review of the article to the group.
Post your research to this discussion area.
Then, develop a 500 word security policy after weighing the rights of the individuals against the security of the group.
As you develop your policy, follow the five step process proposed by Schneier.
Be sure to consider the four “environmental constraints on behavior.”
In addition, consider Schneier’s three final rules.
The group must reference one or more sections of the Homeland Security Act in support of the proposed policy.
The group leader should post the final group policy in the policy submission area for your group on or before the policy due date.