do a study on Accor hotel and the different brand with in it, apply the strategic frameworks I listed. use porters 5 forces, pestle, EFE for its environmental analysis, then use IFE for the internal analysis, make sure to identify. THEN conduct a detail GE McKinsey Matrix to identify 1 key SBUs of the business which will be required by the following questions. for business strategy identify the business strategy for Accor in addition for the SBU’s in particular make sure to consider external and internal consistency. then do the Gap analysis which need to consider the external and internal consistency. determine what is the current business strategy of the organisation and the SBU’s you are referring to. You will also need to assess how the business is using the internal strengths and opportunities that they have to add value to their customers- refer to gap analysis information, then chose 1 of the identified SBUs which is one of its brands to provide a strategic options for that SBU following by conclusion and recommendation which now is about Accor as a whole. make sure to write it in report format and all strategic frameworks need to be included in the appendix whidfpch not in the word count.