Summative Assignment Guidelines: NURS4011 Foundations of nursing Word limit 3000 words Assignment title Written assignment – scenario based relating to assessment of a person or family incorporating a nursing model Description In this assignment you will use a nursing model to carry out a holistic assessment of one of the virtual family characters. You can choose both the nursing model and the virtual family character. You will discuss and evaluate the HVchosen nursing model as a basis for holistic assessment and in the development of person centred care. Suggested Structure What you should include Further guidance Introduction 200 words approx Briefly explain what you intend to do in this assignment and how the work will be structured and organised. Be very brief and succinct Description of the VF character and nursing model. 400 words approx. Discuss and define key concepts 1000 word approx Provide a very brief overview of the virtual family character that you have chosen. State which model you have chosen to use for this assessment. Use the chosen nursing model to gather the relevant history and details about your patient. (This should be included in the appendix and you will have done this as your formative work). Introduce the nursing model you have decided to use for this assignment and provide rationale for its use in relation to this virtual family character. In order to do this you will need to: Provide a brief overview of the nursing model Provide key information about the model and the relevance to the VF character. You may also consider the relevance of the model to the field of practice. e.g adult, mental health, child. Outline the principles of a holistic assessment and make reference to the assessment of your VF character. Outline the principles of person/family centred care and how you have applied this to your assessment. Discuss the professional responsibility of the nurse regarding the nursing assessment. Be very concise this section should contain descriptive information. You need to set the scene but remember to be succinct. You should use relevant literature to support this section. e.g the model you have chosen should be referenced. Apply a good range of theory and literature to support your arguments. Evaluation/analysis of chosen model 1000 words approx. In this section you will need to discuss the strengths and limitations of the chosen model. How helpful was the model in uncovering the problems and needs of the VF character? Did the model promote a holistic assessment? You will need to use a variety of evidence to support your arguments in this section. This should be key text books and journal articles. You will need to demonstrate critical thought of the available literature about the nursing model. You will also need to demonstrate critical thought regarding the usefulness of the nursing model for the assessment of the VF character. Apply a good range of theory to support your argument. Conclusion Approx 400 words. Be explicit about what you have learnt from undertaking this work and any changes you might consider if you were to carry out a further assessment. What have you learned about the use of a nursing model in the assessment process? What are the implications of your learning on your future practice?