Module Title:Introduction to Business and Management Assignment:S2. Individual PechaKucha Presentation Word Count:20 Slides (20 seconds for each slide). Contribution to Module Mark:50% Assessment outline (from the Module specification):As part of a small team, you will produce and present an overview of one of the functions of a business DeadlinePowerPoint Slide Submission: Date: 4th January 2020, Time: By 10:00am, Upload to: Turnitin Presentation Submission Live: 11th January 2020 to 16th January 2020, time slots allocated by your tutors. Video Recorded Presentation: 11th January 2020 by 10:00 a.m. 1.Your ability to Identify and describe the general objectives of business and the context in which it operates 2.Your capacity to assess the functions and tasks that businesses perform in order to meet organizational objectives efficiently and an awareness of the financial documents used to make decisions. Assessment Brief Individually you will need to create a PechaKucha presentation on one of the functions of a business of your choice. Business Function Examples: Human ResourcesSalesProcurement FinanceOperationsLogistics/ Supply Chain MarketingPublic RelationsCustomer Service PechaKucha presentations are automated 20×20 (20 slides x 20 seconds each) slideshow, 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total, plus 2 minutes questions and answers. (Please see guidance notes on Minerva). Read the scenario below before undertaking the tasks which follow: You have been tasked with creating a PechaKucha presentation on one of the functions of a business of your choice. The presentation is expected to provide an overview of one of the functions of a business of your choice. Please stay focussed on one function only – such as marketing, HR, finance, logistics, or others. You will need to complete the following Tasks: Task 1: Provide a brief overview of the selected business of your choice. You will need to select one of the functions of the business and provide an explanation for your choice. Task 2: You will need to present the function and the main activities of the function within the business. You must link the function and its activities to relevant models discussed in the classroom. You will need to make an assessment on the effectiveness of the function in the selected business and provide relevant and evidenced recommendations. Task 3: You will be required to answer the two following questions at the end of your presentation: (1 minute per question, this is not included in the 6 minutes and 40 seconds of the rest of the presentation.) 1. Select one specific model relating to the business function selected, explain the value this model provides to that function and provide a real-world example of this from your selected organisation. 2. What was the most challenging about researching the organisation you selected? Give a specific example. Assignment Structure: PowerPoint Presentation Cover Slide (1 Slide) •This should clearly follow the cover page template in your Module Handbook: Your Name and ID, Module Name and Code, Assignment Name and Number and the Word Count. Introduction (Task 1) (3 slides) •Introduction to the business. •Justification of the choice of the specific function within the business. Main Body (Task 2) (17 slides) •Explain what the function is and does. •Demonstrate your knowledge of the function through using at least one relevant model discussed in the classroom. •Present the main activities of the function in the selected business using examples. •Make an assessment of the effectiveness of the function in the business and recommendations. Questions (Task 3): (2 slides) •Answer the two questions at the end of the presentation. References and Structure (1 slide approximately) •References must be included in the form of Harvard Referencing. The References slide is not included in the required 20 slides for the presentation. This is an academic presentation; therefore, proper referencing is expected. Images used should be referenced. Important Note: Your Cover Slide, Question Slides (Task 3) and Reference slides are not included in the 20 slide count for your presentations. This website can be a good starting point for you to know more about the origin and advantages of such a presentation technique, as well as some good tips on how to create an effective one. Examples of presentations can also be found here Please note that PechaKucha presentations consist of mostly images. For general recommendations on how to deliver a (regular) presentation, you can consult this source Your presentation will be marked according to the following criteria: CriteriaMark Quality of the slides and application of the PechaKucha techniqueRules of the PechaKucha presentation are followed, slides are of good quality.30% DeliveryDemonstration of practice/ rehearsal, professionalism and body language, confidence.30% ContentThe content of the presentation, meeting the requirement of the task and showing an adequate level of depth.40% Presentation Requirements •Live Presentations – Option 1: Your tutors will provide you with an allocated presentation time slot. You are expected to attend your allocated time slot and be prepared to present your PechaKucha presentation. •Self-Recorded Video Presentations – Option 2: You are expected to be seen presenting in your videos. •All Presentations: Please be aware that you are marked for your delivery. You are presenting a professional presentation and therefore expected to present yourself in a professional manner/ dress. •You will only be able to present if you have submitted your assessment PowerPoint Slides to the submission portals on Minerva. Assessment Submission Instructions Assignment 2: PowerPoint Presentation Slides need to be submitted through Turn-it-in, by: On-time PowerPoint Slide Submission: Date: 4th January 2021, Time: By 10:00am, Upload to: Turnitin Late PowerPoint Slide Submission: Date: 11th January 2021, Time: By 10:00am, Upload to: Turnitin Assessment 2: Presentation Submission Options: Option 1: Assignment 2: Individual PechaKucha Live (Online) Presentation Deadline Date: 11th January 2021 to 16th January 2021. A presentation time slot between these dates will be allocated to you by your tutors. Option 2: Assignment 2: Individual PechaKucha Video Self-Recorded Presentation Deadline Time: 10:00 a.m. Deadline Date: 11th January 2021 Submit the video recording through the submission link provided in the Assignments Section of your Module Page in Minerva. Please ensure your Video File has your full name in the file name. Important: If you are unable to self-record your presentation onto video, please ensure that you book a time slot with your tutor. If you encounter technical issues uploading with your assessments, you should immediately email your Module Leader with a copy of your assessment and a screenshot of the technical error showing the time of the issue before the assessment deadline. Please remember that it is your responsibility to ensure submission deadlines are met. For all policies regarding submission of your work please refer to the Programme and Student Handbooks.