Question 1: Provide the following information for your chosen work of art: Title Artist Name Year and Region Created (if available) Medium Size Question 2: Look deeply at the work of art you have chosen to respond to. Make a list of ten things you see or notice in the work. Using complete sentences, write one full paragraph in which you describe the work of art. Utilize the vocabulary you have learned in the course so far. Describe the work of art as if you are talking to someone who has never seen it and you want them to be able to picture it perfectly in their mind. What information would they need to be able to do that? Describe only what can be seen, this is not about meaning. Question 4: Write one full interpretation paragraph that addresses the following ideas: Is there a story taking place in the work? What is it? How can you tell? What is the mood of the work? How can you tell? What do you believe the meaning or function of this work is? Be sure to provide justification for your interpretation based on what you have written about the work thus far. Is there any contextual information about the work that supports or influences your interpretation? Question 5: Write one full connection paragraph that addresses the following ideas: Does this work remind you of anything else in the world? What is it and how or why does it remind you of that? How does this work relate to an aspect of your own life?