In this assignment, you will refer back to assignment you completed in previous weeks, as this assignment will build upon it. You’ll be providing a solution to a clinical problem using the EBP process.For this assignment, you will create a 13-16 slide PowerPoint, excluding the title and reference slides, covering the items below. This should be a high-level overview of what you’ve already discussed in your papers. Be sure to summarize your information (do not simply copy and paste).Describe the select EBP problemList the created PICOT questionProvide a high-level overview of the articles you found, organizing them by design (i.e.; qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods)Summarize the search strategy you used to locate the articles.Discuss what changes could be made as a result of these findingsDescribe strategies and resources you would use to implement a change based on these findingsDescribe areas of opportunity for future research and EBP related to your topic