Proposed system: A college admission system i.e registering applicants, charging fees, entering applicant data, generating reports and reminder letters) Include the following major points in your paper: * Introduction * Background: * Describe the proposed new database system. * What business requirements or personal requirements will be satisfied by your proposed database system? * Who will be the users of the database system? * What specific functionalities will your completed database system provide? * Structure (Conceptual): * What are data items that should be in your database? * Entities become tables in a database. List all entities for your database. List a minimum of 5 entities. * Structure (Logical) * Attributes become fields in a table. Attributes describe entities (For example, a Customer entity could have attributes such as: name, address, and telephone number). List a minimum of 5 attributes for each entity. * Relationships and Constraints (Logical): * Define constraints/restrictions for at least two attributes in each entity. (e.g., Number of digits in student ID, range of values for Age attribute, an employee’s salary must be between 6,000 and 350,000 …)