The paper should be 3-4 pages, MLA-formatted (per 8th ed.) and exclusive of the Works Cited list, which should not occupy a separate page, but simply follow the paper′s text and be double-spaced, as the paper is. This list should include a minimum of three scholarly sources, each referenced in the paper itself, drawn either from books or journal articles (online versions of these are fine to use). The sources should have been published within the last 15 years. Remember, as well, that sometimes useful texts include ones that do not treat the stories directly (e.g., psychological studies of family dynamics could be helpful when you talk about the first suggested topic). Make sure to set your work up with articulation of a thesis occurring in the introductory paragraph. The thesis specifies not only the topic with which you will deal, but also, establishes a line of argument you will take with respect to that topic. I would like you to zero in on some particular focus through which to compare and contrast aspects of two of the short stories read for class. (For comparisons, look at similarities. In considering contrasts, look for differences. It might work well to set up the paper so discussion moves from points of comparison to points of contrast.) I will give you some options, but you are welcome to select your own (concerning the relevant stories), although I would ask that you run it by me. In structuring the paper, please make certain to discuss both stories equally in terms of analysis and depth of engagement. Compare and contrast the stories′ portrayals of (choose one, or cook up your own): 1. dysfunctional family dynamics 2. discrepancies between a pleasant setting and a less-pleasant reality 3. partnership of various kinds–e.g., a marriage, cahoots, etc. 4. communication, or its absence 5. empathy, or its absence 6. the role of community on matters of personal conscience 7. the maturing process 8. the nature of evil 9. Is ignorance bliss? 10. the effect of desсrіptive passages on the mood of a piece