EFFECTIVE SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT Assignment Overview SCM in Action Last module, you worked with a basic simulation and ran scenarios over several weeks to see how decisions and actions affect the supply chain. You’ll be shipping with beer again, but this time you will play a more complex game that lasts one year. The beer game was developed in the 1960s. Before you begin, read the rules. Start a new game and play one year as a Manufacturer. It takes 15-30 minutes and you must play each game in one sitting. The computer will automatically make decisions for the Distributor, Wholesaler, and Retailer. Play the game again as Distributor. Your goal is to maximize revenue for all members of the chain. Revenue will be shown in Euros. SLP Assignment Game Experience: Debrief Describe the manufacturer and distributor’s results based on debrief content that you have placed in the appendices of the paper. Game Experience: Debrief Analysis Through research, analyze the results and apply to real-world applications. (research required) Best Practices Supplier Selection Research best practices for supplier selection. (research required) Connect with game results. Assess how actions of the manufacturer and distributor affected the supply chain. (research required) Lean & Agile Explain how lean and agile techniques could help optimize the supply chain. (research required) Appendices Screenshot and paste the Debriefs for each of the two games you played. Manufacturer Role Game 1: Global results Manufacturer Role Game 1: The four charts Distributor Role Game 2: Global results Distributor Role Game 2: The four charts Effective academic and research writing requires a 3rd person voice.