Individual Project: Marketing Plan Important: Select an existing company (e.g., Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Tesla, Marriott, or Walmart, etc.,) for this assignment. Please fully utilize the concepts, approaches, and tools presented in the LearnSmart and in the e-textbook. Use these to serve a fruitful purpose in your marketing plan project paper. Length: No minimum/maximum length; however, you should include all detailed answers and information to the questions on the guidelines. You are expected to clearly format and label the numbers on your final project according to the guideline (i.e., Section I: 1,2,3,4 & Section II: 5,6 & Section III:7,8); therefore, I can easily find and grade the relevant answers and information on your paper. Guidelines Section I – Background (You can refer to the chapter listed in the parenthesis to find related concepts and knowledge) 1. Introduction: Identify and describe the company’s mission statement and marketing objectives. (Chapter 2) 2. Product/Service: Describe the product/ service being offered. (Chapter 10) 3. Describe the major macro-environment factors (e.g. social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory forces) and the potential impact of each factor on the company in terms of posing either opportunities or threats (Chapter 3) 4. Competition: Overview of major existing competitors’ product/service. Analysis of competitors- strength and weakness. Position each against your product/service (Chapter 2, 9) Section II-Current Strategic Profile 5. Identify the major target market(s) the company serves. (Chapter 9) 6. Describe the marketing strategy for each marketing 4P mix element (product/ service, price, place, and promotion).