From your reading of Laessig, Jacob & AbouZahr (2019), Bean et al. (2015), Eschenbrenner & Nah (2015, August) and Vorovchenko, Ariana, van Loggerenberg & Amirian (2017) provide some thoughts and insights by answering/discussing the questions below.

Your contribution should be around 300-400 words.

The students are in the Forum Discussions encouraged to provide practical examples.

The questions to answer/discuss:

1. Present briefly the Open Data Progression Model in Laessig, Jacob & AbouZahr (2019), and describe more closely two of the stages that you would say are especially challenging when dealing with health data.

2. Eschenbrenner & Nah (2015, August) discussed the importance of having policies and guidance/training for how to use social media in healthcare. Explain the main points and give some reflections.

3. Eschenbrenner & Nah (2015, August) proposed some concerns and questions to be addressed in future research on social media in healthcare. Discuss three of these that you find most interesting.

4. Describe the main challenges related to mobile public warning messages based on Bean et al. (2015).

5. Discuss the relation between risk communication and crisis communication based on Bean et al. (2015).

6. Explain how health-related data in social media can be useful in times of an outbreak of a severe communicable disease. See Vorovchenko, Ariana, van Loggerenberg & Amirian (2017).

7. What did you find interesting, or surprised you, in the paper by Vorovchenko, Ariana, van Loggerenberg & Amirian (2017)?

8. Think of a situation that involves one of the following health threats and discuss how ICT can be used to deal with the public and/or global health concerns: *harmful levels of air pollution, *food or water contamination, or *a natural disaster.