This assignment is meant to apply your ability to read and create internal documents for the sake of producing a public product. Instead of tracking the cost of productions to create reported COGS, you are going to expand your skills into assessing a company of your choosing′s ability to meet the challenges associated with meeting their overarching goals. This concept is not new, but it is still in use today. It attempts to broaden the scope of reported information into a future-focused analysis of the firm′s potential to effectively implement strategies, i.e. turning visions into (successful) ventures. Read the original Harvard Business Review publication from 1992 and watch the video linked below to get a better understanding of what I am asking you to do. Afterwards, identify a company that you′re interested in. (Hint: You will be better served by a more established firm). Then, open the attached Excel file and follow the instructions in the ″Challenge″ tab. You do not have to include the content of this video and the article I attached. But as mentioned above this video and article might be hint for you. ″″Please check the Excel file and Finish task 1 from 4″″