Please explain why you are a good candidate for graduate school. You should describe why you wish to attend graduate school, what you would like to study, and any research experience you have. Describe one or more accomplishments you are particularly proud of that suggest that you will succeed in your chosen area of research.

also introduced recently though its usage is currently quite restrained.

It is one of the reasons I am interested in and must study Artificial Intelligence, and that is why I wish to pursue this doctoral program.

Another reason would be for business reasons as it permits the evolution of previous and current digital solutions by increasing their efficiency and productivity, which may be done by automatic processes and tasks, interactive communications/exchanges, instant access to and treatment of information, and so on.

I am always on the watch for Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Business, Cloud, Crypto-currencies, Cyber-security, Copyright and Intellectual Property, Design, Computer Vision (Augmented Reality/Virtuality), Networking, Networks, Privacy, Computer Research in the Medical and Space fields and including related aspects of Environment, Finance, Legal, Management and Security.

I wish to do a thesis based on one of my business engineering projects, the design and development of an AI solution, and that make use of my background.

My research would be “Artificial Intelligence (AI): the new CyberWeapon 6.0” (see the attached plan and proposal for more details).

That is why in preparation for that, I did my master’s dissertation on the Convergence of Big Data, Cloud, and Internet-of-Things (IoT): multiple mankind challenge at stake.