Describe how you would implement a major program of organizational change as if you were a senior leader of the company, using one of the following approache: six sigmaThe requirements for your paper are: Research the initiative you select and the business:o What is at issue here?o How will it affect large scale organizational change?o What is the company you selected doing in this regard?Answer/address these questions:o What is meant by organizational change approach selection (i.e.: TQM,Six Sigma, etc.)?o What specific goals do you hope to achieve with this program? For-example, improve Return on Investment, Market Share, reduction in errors, etc How will these goals be measured?o How will the program be implemented?o How will the company be structured to achieve these results?o How will “buy-in” by the employees be gained?HRM335 – Organizational Behavior Unit 6.2 Assignment: Final Paper, Part 4o What is the role of leadership/management in the implementation of