– In this first part of a project you only need to select and explain what the anthology paper is going to be based on
– CJ topic area of interest
– The intersectional and gendered populations/lens you will cover
– Project type (comic, research article, letters, podcast, etc), with enough detail that my professor has an understanding of the project. For example, “letters” is not sufficient, but a fictional set of letters between an incarcerated mother and her child to show the impact of maternal incarceration on children” would be sufficient for this submission.

explore an intersectional approach. this means that you must select a topic within criminal justice that can address both gender and at least one (1) other identity. Intersectionality* relates to sexual orientation, religious identity, physical/body ableness, race/ethnicity, age, class, race, etc. -must branch out from a gender only perspective- A paper that focuses only on gender (i.e. men’s experiences of prison) would not meet expectations. However, if you selected the topic “police brutality and women” you could look how police violence varies across different race/ethnicity groups of women or build a project that focuses on police brutality and men who practice islamic faith.