the subject is capital market and instituions. there are several chapters for this exam such as debt market I, debt markets II, interest rate determination, CFA ethics, and Foreign exchange. the exam could be accessed only once and only sequentially. the instruction for the last exam was (it may change but should generally be the same) ; The assessment is on the Moodle course site. You must use Google Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Time allowed: 55 minutes. There are 29 questions. Q1 to Q20 includes 18 multiple choices questions and 2 fill in the blank questions. Each question carries 1 mark. Q21 to Q27 are multiple choices questions. Each question carries 2 marks. Q28 and Q29 are multiple choices questions. Each of these two questions is worth positive 3 marks for a correct answer and negative 3 marks for an incorrect answer. Please select the neutral response for no penalty if you believe you are unable to answer these questions. The total marks available is 40. All questions are related to lectures, tutorials, and other materials in this course. Questions could be accessed only once and only sequentially. The assessment content is confidential and cannot be discussed or reported.