Ideas for ResearchWhich of these interests you and why? choose THREE Pandemics and Evolution:Evolutionary perspectives on the pandemic: consider a topic such as how/why viruses evolve, how pandemics shape cultural evolution (Links to an external site.), changing, for instance, mating behavior and other aspects of human life.Where Are They Now: If you were particularly interested by any of the scientists Wilson discusses in Evolution for Everyone, choose one to research. Why did Wilson write about them and what have they accomplished since? In all cases, Wilson thought well of their work, but what have they done since E for E was published? How has their work been received?Possible scientists:Richard Dawkins (Chs 7 & 28),William Muir (Ch 5),Douglas Emlem,(Ch 7),Steve Suomi (Ch 6),Margie Profet,.12,Paul Sherman (Ch 12-13), Martin Daly & Margo Wilson (Ch 13Sex and the Arts: human and/or animal language, music, art, mating behavior, or war (choose one) as explained by the processes of natural, cultural and/or sexual selection (Links to an external site.). Faster Than We Thought: evidence is mounting that some evolutionary processes are happening much faster than the millennia scientists had posited as necessary for evolutionary change. Describe at least 3 of these changes and say why scientists think this is happeningCultural EvolutionChoose one aspect of this broad topic, such as the evolution of the Internet or Artificial Intelligence: what is its probable future; will it be beneficial or harmful to humanity (Ch 24 and 27)?Human Behavior:There must be an evolutionary advantage tp such human afflictions such as depression or psychosis, both of which are distressing to the person who must endure them. But if they’re so bad, why do they persist? In other words, why hasn’t evolution eliminated them?