Final Marketing Report InstructionAn individual final assignment that requires each student to research recent marketing news, strategiesand activities of ONE organization and compose a detailed evaluation and report based on thosefindings. The report should be at least SIX pages long with doubled space and 12pt. font (Times NewRoman). In your report, please include (not limited to) following sections:1. Company Information:a. Please provide detailed information about the company involving in the news ormarketing activity you choose.b. What is the company?c. What products/services are they offering?d. What is their current position in the industry?2. The News/Activity/Strategy:a. Describe and explain the news/marketing activity/strategy you choose in detailed.b. While you do so, please also provide the information about your sources (informally).3. What does this mean to the company and its stakeholders?a. Why are they doing this?b. What are the purposes of doing this?c. Is this good for them in the short run and in the long run?d. How does this affect their relationships with their stakeholders?4. What does this mean to the consumers and customers?a. How can consumers/customers benefit from this?b. Explain what consumers/customers would be affected positively and what would beaffected negatively.c. How does this change the consumer/customer’s perception about thefirm/brand/products?5. What does this mean to the society/environment at large?6. Conclusion:a. Provide your personal thoughts and comments and explain why you think this is a goodor bad move/strategy for the company given your discussions in the previous sections.