Describe and evaluate the contribution of psychological research to our understanding of focused (selective) attention A title, An introduction to the scientific background to the question, the sketch of how you are going to address the question. A body, presenting your material and arguments by discussing research (studies + theory) that contain empirical evidence relevant to the question discussing the empirical evidence in favour or against the essay question describing how the evidence presented is related to the essay question assessing which theories are favourable A conclusion outlining the information presented in the introduction, and summarising the body. You might suggest a specific direction for future research. A references section in APA style Discuss research into focused as opposed to divided attention. You can choose to discuss research into both auditory and visual or you can choose one. Describe the methods used to study focused attention. Refer to specific examples of research to support your argument. Do not refer to lectures, magazines, websites, or Wikipedia at University. We expect you to use original primary sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journal articles) or reputable secondary sources (e.g., books, textbooks, literature reviews).