Preschool Comparison PaperShort Paper:Once you have read the entire Preschool in Three Cultures book, you will submit a paper that reflects on the ways that culture influence preschool education. Cultural values affect: class size/ratio, curriculum, rules, teacher’s behaviors and activities. Write a brief paper (about 5 double-spaced pages typed) that includes the following sections:1) Describe a typical day in the US preschool classrooms that we learned about.2) Use Tobin’s approach to discuss how American values influence: class size/ratiocurriculumrulesteacher’s behaviors activities3) Select 2 of the features listed above. Compare and contrast these features of the US classrooms with the Chinese and Japanese schools described in the book. (For example, describe class size that is typical of US classrooms well as class size in the Chinese/Japanese schools you read about. Discuss how culture determines class size/ratio in both the American school and the non- American schools.Papers must be typed, double-spaced, spell-checked, and grammar-checked.