Conduct 1 observation of a child between 0 and 13 years of age. Observe the child for 15 minutes and take into account (by writing detailed field notes that can be in bullet or sentence/paragraph form) their motor skills and activities, social interactions, language use and development, disciplinary episodes, play behaviors, affect/emotions, etc. Be sure to provide a description of the setting in which this observation took place as well as a description of who the child was with during the observation (e.g., caretaker, siblings, peers, etc.). If you choose to use a video clip for this assignment, please provide a link to the clip or indicate where the clip is from. Please use a youtube video as the observation . a.The first page of your paper should consist of your naturalistic observation notes, where you describe what you observed during the 15-minute observation. b.Next, discuss the setting in which you observed, noting the approximate age of the child, the child’s gender, and the types of behaviors that you observed. c.Following this, choose three (3) behaviors that you find most interesting and use concepts and theories from the class to explain what you observed (e.g., Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development, attachment theory, concepts in language development such as telegraphic speech, and more). d.Finally, include a section on how you think the child’s culture influences one of the three behaviors you discussed. Culture is defined as the belief systems and value orientations that influence customs, norms, practices, and social institutions, including psychological processes). Please include at least one journal article for this section of the paper