Conduct background research on global warming from reliable Internet sources such as NASA, USGS, IPCC, and major universities with current research on the topic such as U.C. Berkley, Yale, Stanford, etc.Note: The most acceptable websites to use for Internet sources end in “.gov” or “.edu.” Websites ending in “.com” or “.org” should be avoided since recognizing biased information may be difficult. Political, blogs, and news websites often have information that is biased and not based solely on scientific support. For this reason, these sites should also be avoided in investigating scientific topics.Write a short synopsis of your findings. Use full sentences and proper grammar and spelling. Define greenhouse gas, global warming, and climate change.Explain the difference between global warming and climate change.Describe the relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming (i.e. normal versus excess amounts of greenhouse gases).List 3-4 types of evidence that support human influenced climate change.Describe 2-3 negative ecological and/or economical outcomes of global warming.