“F1.Define COVID-19. Is this disease caused by a virus? If so, which one?2.Symptoms and complications: describe the early symptoms, disease progression, and possible outcomes.3.Reservoir: describe the presumptive sources.4.Transmission: how does this virus spread among human populations?5.People at risk: what are the populations at risk of infection? Which populations are at high risk of severe disease?6.Recent outbreaks: describe the current epidemiology in the US: number of infections reported to date, countries around the world where the virus is circulating, actions taken to stop the disease spread.7.Treatment. How is the disease treated?8.Prevention. How can you reduce the risk of infection?9.Public Health. What are local governments doing to minimize overwhelming the health systems?Suggested sources of information:https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.htmlReferences:You must reference any information you report in a paper that you would not know from personal, first-hand experience. So, unless you’re describing data that you collected, you need to cite a source for the information. Please use factual sites as sources.