Once done, draw a topographic profile perpendicular to the thrust fault, from W in “Wallen” to the northwestern corner of the map, and add the geological structures and rock type. Use your approximate cross section (question d) as a guide. Use only the strike and dip measurements close to the profile (20, 42, 20 and 12) and, for the purpose of this exercise, you can plot these four dip measurements with your protractor. Remember to consider the axis of the folds (anticline/syncline) when drawing your cross-section.

Upload here a picture of your geologic cross-section (remember to add the horizontal and vertical scale).
The cross section is oriented NW-SE, going through the “W” in Wallen and roughly perpendicular to the thrust fault.

Draw the topographic profile, add the geologic structures (folds and thrust) and color in the rock formations.

Include the horizontal scale and the vertical scale.