You are to investigate your own crime(s) that you make up. You need to write an initial report. The initial report will be written as if you were the first officer on scene assigned to the call. A supplemental report will be written as if you were the crime scene investigator assigned to the case. The investigative report will be written as if you were the criminal investigator assigned to the case. Finally, you will write a probable cause report. This is the report that a judge will read to decide whether there is enough probable cause to initiate a warrant affidavit for your suspect. This report must prove all of the elements of the crime(s) you choose. There is no page length to this paper. The crime must properly be investigated, though. The case cannot be unfounded (not solved). Make sure the paper is double-spaced and 12pt times new roman font. Below is a list of crimes you can choose from. There may be additional crimes that occur during your made up scenario, so be sure to include them as well!

Burglary of a dwelling or structure
Sexual Battery
Aggravated Battery
Narcotics Violations
Below is just a list of the types of things that should be included in the report. Do not just go off the list below.

Initial report

who, what, when, where, why, how
Supplemental report by crime scene investigator

What kind of evidence did you collect?
What kind of testing did you do?
Will the evidence be sent off for analysis? If so, where?
What are the results?
Investigative report (as the investigator)

What investigative techniques did you go?
Who did you speak with (interview/interrogate)? What did they say?
Did you conduct a lineup?
Probable cause report

This will include all of the important aspects of your investigation. The items in this report must prove the elements of the crime you investigated.




In violation of Florida State Statute:

Initial Report:

Supplemental Report:

Investigative Report:

Probable Cause Statement: