Create the first lesson plan using the “COE Lesson Plan Template.” Focus on facilitating literacy development in this lesson, and align learning objectives to the content area and ELA standards identified. Include before, during, and after reading strategies. If your mentor teacher approves, record yourself teaching this lesson in Topic 5.

Include the following in your lesson plan:

“National/State Learning Standards” section: Align the learning objectives of this lesson with specified content standards for your content area and one ELA standard from your state department of education. If ELA is your content area, choose another content standard for cross-disciplinary curriculum.
“Multiple Means of Representation” and “Multiple Means of Engagement” sections: Describe reading comprehension strategies for integrating literacy into your content area.
“Multiple Means of Representation” “Multiple Means of Engagement” and “Multiple Means of Expression” sections: Differentiate the instruction, learning activities, and assessments to meet the needs of individual students in the field experience classroom.
Below the lesson plan, write a 250-500 word rationale justifying the reading comprehension strategies and how they support literacy in your content area and the diverse needs of all students.