Create an introduction OUTLINE for a research proposal on the topic of developmental psychology (from an attachment perspective), focusing specifically on how traumatization shapes adult identities, and leads them to having problematic attachment styles. Go into how trauma plays a role in the development of a number of disorders (PTSD, GAD, BPD, etc.) and assess the differences between individuals with these disorders and healthy controls. This is just the first step to a research proposal. This is not paragraphs, but rather bullet points and key text. Include findings that are relevant to your hypotheses, relevant theory, your reasoning for how your hypotheses follow from existing evidence and theory, and your hypotheses. There often are empirical findings and theories that go against your predictions, which should be included. Attached is a sample outline. The sample has an abstract and method section. That is not necessary for this assignment. Stop reading after page 5 of the sample outline. You do not need to write an outline for the method, procedure, or analysis, etc. I have also attached useful references that are relevant to the paper’s topic. Feel free to use those for the introduction outline as well as doing further research from credible sources (journal articles, book chapters, or other scholarly content) that is relevant to the research topic. Be as detailed as possible. This is the outline that will be used for the final research proposal.