1. Create a Gantt chart for your project, including all project activities on the chart. Excel also has free Gantt chart template that is easy to use. Project – Nurse -led education on CHF ACTIVITIES INCLUDE 1. Develop a specialized curriculum for nurses. It includes 4 training sessions. Materials include ppt presentation, self learning modules, competency check list. 2. Patient education on self-management of CHF self-care management tool kit – CHF education manual – Drinking mug – Pictures of common food with their associated sodium content – Pill box Make a you tube video about self care management of CHF 2. Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for your project. Develop a budget for your project. The budget will vary depending on the nature of your project. Start with the individual deliverables that you identified in your implementation plan and break them down in terms of cost (labor, materials, facilities, services, and overhead are all costs). The sum of all tasks on your implementation plan constitutes the total budget of your project. Consider the potential benefits and savings that may result from your project implementation. There may be tangible and non-tangible benefits. Consider improved revenues, potential liability savings, etc. Create a table to depict your project budget and potential benefits and savings to demonstrate a cost/benefit analysis.