Create a strategy, Analysis & Evaluation: The firm / organization to undertake a comprehensive strategic investigation to identify any strategic issues they may be facing and to suggest ways of dealing with them. The two questions to answer are: Are there any issues that might affect the success and survival of the firm / organization? If there are, what can be done about them? Once you have completed your strategic analysis and investigation, you should writing a report to the CEO of the firm / organization in question, making your recommendations. The firm chosen here is WEST ZONE FRESH SUPERMARKET in Dubai and the report should focus on how the firm / organization can develop and sustain competitive advantage Your recommendations must be analytically grounded to enable you to produce coherent and well-reasoned arguments in support of the recommendation you make in your report and suitable appendices to support the arguments where appropriate. However, the full argument by which you arrive at your conclusions should be in the report. Anything in the appendices will not be seen as part of the argument. The report should be upto 2000 words in length (which excludes any appendices). While there will be information on your chosen firm / organization on the Internet, the onus is on you to find the information you require on the firm / organization and its’ operations. Access to information for example, on the current strategy, the environment and the firm / organization itself is essential in this assignment to enable you to undertake a sufficiently comprehensive analysis. //