Overview: In the introduction to the unit, you learned about the elements of a personal essay. Now, you will write that essay. The experience you write about does not have to be monumental. It just has to be significant to you. Your essay should be a true story, or narrative, focusing on a place. Within that story, you will need to determine what happened at this place, who were the important people there, what was said, and what you learned. Instructions: • Create a personal essay about a specific place that is the most memorable for you and where you had a positive experience. (Consider the following questions when starting your essay: o What is a specific place that is particularly memorable to you? o What happened at this place that makes it so important to you? A personal essay is a combination of the desсrіption of the action or plot, details about the people/location of the essay, and reflection on what happened: • Begin by describing the place. Try using each of the five senses to show the reader what the place is like. • Consider the best conversations you had at the place and include that dialogue in your message. • Finally, be sure to offer your thoughts on the experience and what you learned from it.