Instead, go to the YouTube website,, (Links to an external site.) and find and view a music concert that took place recently, no earlier than January 2017, i.e., a concert event that occurred on Jan 1, 2017 or later. Watch at least one hour of the concert and complete the report per the concert report guidelines. You must submit and upload the report as a Word or PDF file. Be sure to put your name on the report. You must provide the YouTube link on your report – no credit will be given if the link is missing.
The concert you view and write on must feature classical music.The concert must feature professional performers, whether a solo performer or an ensemble such as a string quarter or orchestra, and be in a public setting.
Reference specific times in the video as you describe the music. For example, if describing the music elements: “At 32:03 in the video, the music displayed a predominant __________ texture with the way the __________ (instruments) were interweaving the musical notes, while the dynamics were __________” and so forth.