Compose a formal research paper (1000 word minimum) on a chosen playwright and one of their plays, from the list below or one of special interest to you, in which information is organized clearly and logically, and demonstrates the conventions of Standard American English. This paper covers the same information as the speech and is chiefly concerned with the “impact the playwright and the play may have had on his/her time.” The paper is good organizational preparation for the final speech presentation. It will require research outside the scope of the textbook. Any assertions established by other scholars or notable professionals must be properly documented and notated according to MLA standards. Be sure to include a bibliography with at least three sources outside of the textbook (Four total). *Note: Spark Notes and Cliff Notes are not an acceptable source. They will be seen as proof the play has not been read. You will also need to buy one of the playwright’s plays which will be one of your sources. J.M.Barrie Marsha Norman Wendy Wasserstein Samuel Becket Bertolt Brecht George Bernard Shaw August Wilson Caryl Churchill Brian Friel Tom Stoppard Henry David Hwang Athol Fugard David Mamet Tennessee Williams Amiri Baraka Arthur Miller Eugene O’Neill Ntozake Shange Sam Shepard The above brief list barely scratches the surface of all the great modern playwrights of the world. Theatre is a highly collaborative multi-person, multimedia craft/art. If you have someone in mind who is not on the list, let me know.