how you can bring those two pieces into the conversation, both of them are using the ubiquity of the coca-cola branding but towards very different ends and in a very different context. so thinking about how the global brand name of coca-cola is being used on the one hand and the “Great Criticism-coca cola” by Wang Guangyi in China in 1993 and on the other hand in Cildo Meireles “Insertions into Ideological Circuits: Coca Cola project” from 1970

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Reflect on how you, yourself think about this work by Ernesto Neto specifically interested in hearing how you might compare it with Ai Weiwei, “Fairytale “ from Documenta 12 in 2007, again, a project in which part of the project was bringing people from China to documenta itself

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Compare these two projects Vik Muniz’s picture of garbage with Marat sebastião as an example of this series and Jonathas de Andrade ABC da Cana from 2014. The Vik Muniz you know a lot about from the documentary. Here are two projects which are done in collaboration with workers. On the one hand, Muniz is working with the pickers of recyclable material to really create these incredible albourat pieces focused very deeply on inequality and making reference to the history of European painting. So here the death of Marat that has been reimagined with Sebastião. and on the right hand, Jonathas de Andrade is working with the people that work in the refinery referencing the history of sugarcane referencing the national identity and also making a specific reference to this alphabet that was created as a study for how to express Brazilian national identity through graphic design.