COMMEMORATIVEThis is a speech paying tribute to a person, group of people, institution, idea, etc. You can think of this as a best man or maid of honor speech at a wedding, a eulogy delivered at a funeral, a tribute to a sports team (personal or professional), etc.—————————————————————————————————-With regards to your outline, you do not have to have 3 main points, that is just the example.Intro means of gaining attentionclearly explained your topicBodyclearly identified/separated your main pointsConclusionsignaled that your speech was almost finished, restated purposeend on a strong note (at MINIMUM, said “thank you”)—————————————————————————————————-General Purpose:Specific Purpose:Thesis Statement:I. Introduction A. Gain Attention B. Reveal topic/objectII. Body A. This is the first main point. 1. elaborate on the first main point B. This is the second main point. 1. elaborate on the second main point C. This is the third main point. 1. elaborate on the third main pointIII. Conclusion A. Signal the end is near and sum up your main points 1. End strong