The aim of this assessment is for students to collaboratively develop a group presentation relating to ONE current critical Human Resource Management (HRM) issue.Instructions1.a. If you are working in a group each member of the group will receive the same assessment grading.2. Select ONE of the six listed critical issues (a) Evolution of human resource management; (b) Globalisation; (c) The Psychological Contract; (d) Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM); (e) Human Resource (HR) roles or (f) Human Resource (HR) ethics.3. Review the literature on this issue and identify the key challenges it presents to an industry sector. Literature can be sourced from academic and non-academic sources. Each group should aim for around 8-10 references for each presentation.4. Create a mind map/ visual that illustrates the connection between the issue, the challenges and relevant literature sources.5. Develop a ten minute group presentation that includes the following:• an introduction to the critical issue,• a discussion of current literature relating to the critical issue,• a summary of the challenges and impacts of the issue for an industry sector,• 3- 5 suggested approaches/solutions that should be considered by HRM practitioners to deal with the issue. my issue is e) Human Resources roles(HR) one 10 ppt slides with speaker notes with mind map