Review the Cloudwards Storage Comparison (Links to an external site.) website first. As you review the website, think about the criterion or criteria that seems or is most important to you as an individual utilizing cloud storage.
Post which specific criterion or criteria described in the video you feel is the most important to consider as an individual user of cloud storage. You MUST identify the specific criterion/criteria you site (for example: syncing). Defend your answer..
If you currently utilize cloud storage as an individual for your file storage needs, please tell us what storage solution you currently use, why it is your cloud storage of choice, and how you use it.
If you do not currently utilize cloud storage, tell us which storage solution you might like to try, why you would select that specific solution, and how you might use it. You do not need to select one of the top five winners from the video.Note, many individuals utilize OneDrive, although it was not in the top 5 choices mentioned in this video. It is, however, included in the Cloud Storage Comparison (Links to an external site.) website, with four stars (same as Google Drive and Dropbox).