Choose a television show that is based on a family or on family life. You only need to watch one episode. It can be a sitcom, a drama, a reality show, a cartoon—the choice is yours. The only requirement is that it centers on or around family life.Provide a brief description of the show and a summary of the episode. How does the show portray mothers? How does the show portray fathers? What assumptions does the show make about gender and parenting? Does it support or contradict the material presented in this course (commentary and readings)? Why? How? Name the specific books, articles, or commentaries that you are applying to the television program. The purpose of this assignment is threefold: to challenge you (1) to explore the course material in various ways (outside of lecture/commentary); (2) to explore the ways in which gender shapes family life; and (3) to work on communicating ideas and class material in ways beyond memorization.Additionally, this assignment is meant to encourage you to recognize how norms of gender play out in your everyday world. Media plays an important part in the lives of all of us, and while it’s often dismissed as “just entertainment,” it has powerful effects in shaping and reaffirming cultural expectations. This assignment is meant to challenge you to look critically at the sorts of programs that you consume, without much attention, on a regular basis.