the purpose of this assignment is to analyze a persuasive speech, using the rhetorical terms and theories you have learned in this course. Choose a speech from American Rhetoric or TedTalk and analyze the delivery, rhetorical strategies, and effectiveness.Describe the speech. Provide context for the audience. Who, where, when, and why types of questions should be answered. Focus on specific details, as the audience may not have heard this speech before and need context to understand your analysis and the reason you chose this speech.A. Provide a clear introduction with a thesis statement that presents a claim about the effectiveness of this speech.Explore details and analyze key parts of the speech as a whole, applying rhetorical terms, techniques, and persuasive strategies. Discuss ethos, logos, pathos, language, visuals, etc Discuss persuasive strategies such as credibility, reasoning, evidence, and appealing to emotion. Create an effective conclusion that discusses your overall impression of the speech. A. Review your main points and end with a strong closing statement.