Utilitarianism Paper Read Chapter 2 and watch Week 3 Lectures. Choose a contemporary moral issue in our society (course materials) and apply the ethical principle of Utilitarianism to approve this moral issue. You must apply the Four major points of Utilitarianism (week 3 Lecture) apply Bentham’s Felicific Calculus, and apply the utilitarian claims under course materials. Week 3 Lectures: link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdtWu4Cqx1Y Four major points of Utilitarianism. You must apply them in the written assignment. Textbook: Ethics: Theory and Practice by Keith W. Krasemann and Jacques P. Thiroux ISBN: 0205053149 ISBN13: 9780205053148 The writer needs to have knowledge about the Ethics class, I attached that its need for the paper.