Choose a character from Hamlet and get into his or her skin. For each act, you will record a ¾- to a full-page (1-inch margins, 12-pt. font) long (180+ words) diary entry from the point of view of your character. Your record should reflect on the events that have transpired in each particular act of the play, but it should also include creative elements which you invent. The created parts may be deduced from what you know happens in the story. It should be believable and fit within the framework of the story. Your character may not necessarily be present in each act (even dead), but you should still speculate on what he or she has been doing during that act, as well as where that character has been in that act. The character should also respond to what has happened, even though he or she was not in the act. Print your diary entries on a word processor. Voice of character (30 pts.) Creative, personal, meaningful details Avoids strictly impersonal summary (paraphrased from play notes) Demonstrates understanding of character’s function in the play _____ Accuracy/thoroughness of plot details (30 pts.) Touches on most of the significant details in each act Uses creative license as to how character is privy to information Elaborates on details most relevant to character Each entry is 180+ words