In response to lectures and class material, students will construct a paper that demonstrates an understanding of the fundamental concepts and interventions of family counseling and therapy. Students will be given a case family example, and will need to choose TWO approaches to family counseling covered in the course (e.g., Natural Family Systems; Structural; Strategic; Problem-Focused; Solution-focused; Narrative, etc.) to conceptualize their work with the family. The students will write the paper as if they are the counselor seeing the family or a subset of the family, detailing which members are coming for treatment, and their decisions for who will and will not be included in treatment. The paper is expected to, follow the most current APA manual format, and have at least 3 scholarly peer-reviewed research-based journal citations. Refer to the assessment standards to assure that you have included all components.The paper will be evaluated based on the following criteria:Thoroughly conceptualizes the case (i.e., assessment of the presenting problem from a family counseling perspective);Provides a rationale for the family therapy model used, by comparing and contrasting two models discussed in the course (references required);Formulates a collaborative treatment plan by defining goals and interventions that contribute to change for the system according to the chosen model;Gives exemplars of the models (i.e., typical questions/interventions which may be used);Considers the cultural components of the presenting family’s system; andExamines the ethical and/or legal issues relevant to the practice of family counseling as they may apply to the case.8 pages not including title or reference page.