Capstone Project on LENNAR CORPORATION Instructions(I attached files of another company analysis of how this project is supposed to look)I. Organizational Profile & HistoryII. Organizational Vision, Mission, & GoalsIII. External Environmental Analysis (A) Seven-Factor Macro Analysis(B) Micro/Industry Factors (C) Competitive Analysis (D) External Factor Evaluation MatrixIV. Internal Environmental Analysis(A) Analysis of Strategies1. Corporate Level Strategy2. Business Level Strategy3. Functional Level Strategies, resulting in the Value Chain Analysis(B) Analysis of Implementation Variables1. Structure2. Culture3. Leadership4. Systems & Processes(C) Analysis of Control Variables(D) Internal Factor Evaluation MatrixV. SWOT AnalysisVI. Identification of Issues & ProblemsVII. Conclusions & Recommendations (Use SWOT Matrix in Recommendations)VIII. References (Minimum 30; at least 20 non-company sources)IX. AppendicesProject Paper & Presentation:You are expected to submit a written analysis of approximately 50 pages plus appendices. You also need to make a 10-minute formal presentation of the project. The presentation should be professional and should include use of visual aids. Mandatory ReferencesCompany1. Company website2. Company 10-K & Q3. EBSCO’s Profile for your company4. Lexis-Nexis Academic’s Profile for your company5. Mergent Online’s Profile for your companyIndustry1. Standard & Poor’s Net Advantage Profile for your industry.2. Mergent First Research’s Profile for your industry.3.’s Profile for your industry.