Unit 2, Project 1:Literary Analysis EssayWhat is this assignment? For this project, you will write a literary analysis essay about any text(s) we have read in this class so far. A literary analysis is a form of argumentative writing in which a writer makes at least one claim about the meaning of a literary work, then supports their claim(s) with evidence gathered from analyzing the text. We will learn more about how to write a literary analysis over the coming weeks. Can you give an example of a “claim about the meaning of a literary work”? Here are some examples of possible claims (or thesis statements) for a literary analysis:• Beowulf serves as a fascinating example of how Christianity blended with pagan religions in Europe during the Middle Ages. • In this scene from Hamlet, Shakespeare uses figurative language to emphasize Hamlet’s feelings of despair. • In the chapter from the novel Grendel, changing the point of view adds themes to the Beowulf story that were not presen