There are real problems in businesses and our lives. Review Jan McGonigal’s plan (located in Documents and Resources) to have us learn how to play games to save the world. Even if your have never thought of the value of gaming before, come up with some specific process improvements, games or ways to help improve your life and or your organization. Apply the ideas of game, structure design and quality. You are to demonstrate a process flow map for your suggestions. You do not need to buy this software, but this is an excellent quick explanation for a process flow chart. Be sure to refer to Swink’s example of process flow. Feel free to use a personal or a professional example. It is best if you use something that is causing you difficulty in your life (like not being able to pay off your Master Card, lose that last ten pounds, or stop procrastinating). Apply process, structure, design, intent and quality to your life to come up with an “epic win.”

Classmates post:

1. Kiran

That was an interesting topic and the speaker’s perspective is driving home the positivity in applying the focus, collaboration and feedback in problem solving and process improvements. She suggests that we discover means and ways from the virtual world (video games) to connect our cognitive and emotional mindset to solve problems in real world. Especially, if you think of a real world problem in gaming terms, it gives you a perspective. For instance, my 5 year old boy who refuses to put away his toys and iPad, I turn it into a game and make it rewarding with gummie bears to get him finish those tasks.

The speaker was focusing on the positive emotion in gaming and taking that same energies and apply in real life to solve real world problems. I think it was a one sided opinion when she mentioned play more hours of video games. Alas, we only have 24 hours in a day and after juggling our personal and professional lives, you have few hours to rest. These extra hours had to come at the expense of other daily life tasks. That completely depends on the priorities in every person’s life depending on their circumstances. For instance, from my college days and experience as a gamer ( if i can be called, I was spending a lot of hours gaming everyday and night and it caused me to miss a few assignments and it impacted my grades. I had to gradually reduce the number of hours i spent on gaming and focus on my course work and assignments. I happen to realize, even though I was having fun while playing video games, I was burning out my creativity and productivity. She failed to mention the addictive nature of the video games. These days, I resorted to playing a few minutes of video gaming on my phone to distract and clear my mind from tackling real world problems.

Perhaps, some of the positives I can relate to from playing video games were focusing on my courses and assignments to improve my grades and thus increasing my productivity and making my 5 year old put away his toys which are relevant process improvements from the status quo.