Step 1: Using a Library or online, explore scholarly research on the following concepts:1.The Social Facilitation Effect2.Social Loafing3.Deindividuation4.Group Polarization5.GroupthinkStep 2: Thoroughly discuss the following:1.Based on your research, choose at least two of the concepts listed above and discuss how they could IMPAIR performance on a group task (identify a group task/activity and apply your discussion to that task). Here’s an example: Social loafing is a common occurrence in academic group work. When students are assigned a group project, there may be one or more social loafers in the group who do not complete their “fair share” of the work. This happens because people who are part of a group feel slightly less responsible for the outcome and therefore don’t work as hard as they would if they were completing a project alone. When this happens, other group members pick up the slack left by the social loafers. Ultimately, this can impair group performance because…(explain how social loafing impairs group performance using the information from your research and your textbook).