Please watch the movie “Wonder” (2017) directed by Stephen Chbosky, with Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic, Julia Roberts (movie available via Swank at our library). After watching, please reflect on and briefly answer the following questions below (not in essay form, just briefly answer each question in a paragraph or 2)1.Auggie’s attendance at Beecher Prep creates issues for students, parents, teachers and the principal. What are some of the challenges that arise?2.What qualities do Auggie’s parents possess that help them to be good parents to Auggie?3.What qualities does Auggie possess that make it easier for his friends and family to relate to him?4.How is Via’s life affected by Auggie’s deformity? (with parents and peers)5.Discuss the characteristics that you think make a good friend. Which of Auggie’s friends have these qualities?6.Auggie and Jack are great friends; they laugh together, they talk about anything and everything, and they feel comfortable together. So why does Jack betray Auggie by talking badly behind his back?7.How did any of the teachers act to promote acceptance of Auggie? How do you think generally teachers can foster kindness and acceptance in the classroom?