Organizational change is comprised of a number of critical aspects. Currently, assessment and the drive toward more competitive and globalized markets are one of two of the most challenging concerns for both the individuals charged with implementing change and the organizations within which the change is enacted. Read the article and a summary paper on the concepts of organizational change. DeliverablesA 400-word paper that includes at least one APA-formatted reference to material from this lesson. Activity DetailsPerform the following steps:Step 1: Read the article provided (Reading 3.1)Amoros, A., Tippelt, R. (2012) Managing Change and Innovation: A Challenge for Modern Organizations. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), 1-30.Assess the social framework of conditions mentioned in the article that create change for the organization and the concept of a “learning organization”.Step 2: Identify changesIdentify the types of change, the objectives, and the impact the environment has on change management. What direction can companies take to create change or sustain growth? What adaptive measures must an organization take to meet the ongoing external changes in our society and the economy? Step 3: Write your paper.Examine the options a company has for change and the process that should be taken to implement change. Explore the concepts presented such as “Business Re-engineering”, “Lean Management”, or “Total Quality Management” (TQM) and select one of these concepts to develop your paper. Provide a case study example to demonstrate the implementation and challenges that an organization may face.Step 4: Draft your answers.Write your answers in draft form, logically making your points. Then reread what you’ve written, check that you have fully answered the questions, ensure that your explanations are clear and to the point, and check your spelling and grammar.