There must be three references and one page long !The importance of volunteers in health care organizations cannot be overestimated. There are many work roles that qualified volunteers can fill competently to help the progressive health care organization in meeting its mission and operational objectives. In this forum, please tell about your experience working with volunteer staff and how you have maximized healthcare volunteer performance. THis should be a reference:Rogers, S. E., Rogers, C. M., & Boyd, K. D. (2013). Challenges and opportunities in healthcare voluteer managemnet: Insights from voluteer administrators. Hospital Topics, 91(2), 43-15.There must be three references and one page long!In India, an organization named LifeSpring is challenging existing practices and assumptions about what health workers are allowed to do. It uses midwives to provide most of the care at maternity hospitals. This allows fewer physicians to provide care for more patients and focus on those tasks that require a physician’s attention. In the United States, MinuteClinic uses nurse practitioners rather than physicians to staff primary-care clinics. In both examples, skills and training requirements are linked to the tasks at hand and can result in lower labor costs. As a health care administrator, explain the job analysis method you would recommend to identify the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required for the position of nurse practitioner. If the MinuteClinic noted above were in your health care organization, analyze cultural barriers (if any) you would face in substituting nurse practitioners in place of physicians?This should be one (2020). Policy, data, oversight. United States Office of Personnel Management. have taken screen shots of the bookFlynn, W. J., Mathis, R. L., Jackson, J. H., & Valentine, S. R. (2015). Healthcare human resource management (3rd ed.). Cengage Learning.