Bruce Springsteen Photo: Bruce Springsteen (ca. early 80s) What you will do For this assignment, There are 2 parts to it. You will need to choose a song from any group that is representative of a genre in our chapters 12-16: The genres include: Hard Rock Heavy Metal Progressive Rock Glitter Rock Ska Reggae Punk New Wave Funk Disco Grunge Page 1 – Analyze a song by this artist/band and break down the song into its components. List the complete lyrical line under the song component name. Possible components might include – intro, verse A, verse B, pre-chorus, chorus, refrain, solo, bridge, coda, ending. If there are no lyrics for the section, please label what is happening in the music. (ie intro – instrumental with guitars only.) You do not need to include the time of each component like in our first assignment, but please include the entire lyrics under each component. Make sure to include the song title, artist, genre, and year the song was written. Make sure you add a Youtube link to the song. Page 2 – Write one page analysis of they lyrical content. Some ideas: Is the band/artist speaking literally about a topic or are they singing in metaphors What is the topic? Is there a back story about the lyrics? If so, include that. Is the singer singing in generalities or was this a personal experience that they went through. If so what was that about? Are the lyrics completely fictional? Do the lyrics reference other people? If so, who and why? Is there an overall conclusion or substantive idea for the lyrical content? Make sure to explain your reasoning as to why you chose this song.