Our Wonderful Charge Nurse Dana, is leaving our hospital to go another State and another facility. ☹
Please write and emotional good bye essay. I will list all your qualities in no particular order.
An Express of Gratitude and Appreciation
 Everyone who knows Dana will ready agree that she is an outstanding healthcare professional. As one of the nurses, and Charge nurse in 4 South. Dana have always been a reassuring presence not only to her patients but also to her colleagues. But more than just a colleague, Dana to me is a great mentor and an even greater inspiration. For this reason, I only have respect, gratitude, and appreciation for everything that she has done.

 Before Dana makes the assignment for the incoming shift, she will always reach out to me for my recommendation on which nurse she should assign to my group of patients. Dana know how particular I am with these special group of patients. For one she knows I have been working tirelessly to giving the best care, and maintaining a clean and clutter free environment. I will miss her presence daily

 4 South is the biggest and busy unit in Holy Cross Hospital, being a charge in our unit is not easy. It can be very stressful and complicated at times. Dana always maintain a calm composer, while reassuring us as nurse that we will get through the day. My colleague and I love when Dana is in charge. I believe Dana have all the element of emotional intelligent. Last August I received news that my mom as gravely ill, I fainted for a brief moment, Dana called out for help, she was so concerned about my well-being. I will never forget her act of kindness.

 As Dana now gets ready to move and transfer to another Stat and facility, I cannot help but to feel both sadness and happiness. I am sad for I know that my colleagues and I will her presence because of the positive effect she has on us. Though Dana will be leaving, I feel happy that I have been given the honor of knowing such an extraordinary person. In her I have found a colleague, a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend.

 I wish I say to her don’t go, but I know that that would be selfish of me, Nevertheless, I find solace in the knowledge that as she leaves, more people will have the privilege of being touched by such a wonderful person. All I can do now is extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation, wish her the best in all of her endeavors, and hope that someday she can come back to pay us a visit.

 Dana will always notify us in advanced when we will be getting an admission – a new patient, the nurse really appreciates this.

 I am so impressed on how she carries herself. She is always come to work neat. She is approachable, easy to talk, she has great communication skills.

 Please put all your expertise in this essay as always. I want this letter to be emotional. Having a good Charge is very important for a unit. A charge nurse who respects her colleague, as well as support her nurse during stressful time. She never gossip about her colleague.